e-Mausam Krishi Sewa

    Details of Project

    In the year 2011, the weather forecast based agro-advisories initiated for the farmers of Haryana State through SMS under ATMA project.The ultimate aim of this project is to empower farmers with real time information of weather-based agro-advisories. The potential of this SMS services is overwhelming in the State. More than 3.20 lakh farmers have been directly benefited by this emausam SMS service so far. The target is to reach all the farmers in the state by registering under SMS service by strengthening through various mechanisms. University has strengthened SMS service by launching ‘e-mausam’ website on 18.12.2013 under e-governance project to provide weather forecasts and agro advisories through National Informatics Centre gateway. University begged National Award for excellent dissemination of weather based agro-advisory by this SMS service from the Ministry of Earth Sciences Government of India at Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture Sciences & Technology, Udaipur in the year 2013.

    Farmer/user can access the website for past weather, real time weather, weather forecast, agrimet bulletin in Hindi and English, weather deviation from normal and climatic normal’s. Real time weather, weather forecast and crop specific agrimet-advisory are sent to the registered farmer through mobile SMSs weekly and now time based on weather conditions.The local weather forecast and daily weather conditions are also available on the webpage. The website of this service is, which can be accessed by the farmer/user for getting registration and their feedback.The information on the web portal enhanced the profit of farmers through reducing input costs for farm management or through increasing productivity by minimizing farm losses. To avail this service, one has to simply visit and register oneself to receive free weather based crop information SMS in Hindi.


    Until 2018, a total number of 320000 beneficiary farmers have adopted emausamhau SMS services. Farmers take benefit from the emausam SMS service in several ways. The real time weather forecast and agro-advisories are very useful to the farmers of the State in the changing climate scenario. This service helped the farmers in taking real time decision of day-to-day farm operations e.g. agri-chemical applications, irrigation scheduling, disease and pest outbreaks and many more weather related agriculture-specific operations. Such operations include cultivar selection, their dates of sowing/planting, dates of intercultural operations, dates of harvesting and post harvest operations. Ultimately, the service helped in increasing the crop production with reducing input cost, besides water saving, increasing pesticides and fertilizers use efficiency and save the environment by judicial use of natural resources.

    Such actionable weather information consistently delivered to farmers and productivity reports have shown significant increases in yields and with it food availability and incomes.

    For more information, visit the website